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Financing affordable housing throughout California


CCRC is a reliable and trusted partner dedicated to improving California Communities by financing the development and preservation of affordable housing for low-income households.


CCRC's vision is to be a leading lending organization, driving positive impact and sustainable growth in the communities it serves.


CCRC was established in 1989 with the backing of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as a consortium of key California banks. Today over 40 banks contribute to pools allocated for permanent taxable and tax-exempt loans. Since its inception, CCRC has emerged as a vital player in the affordable housing landscape, approving more than $2.6 billion in loans dedicated to affordable housing properties. This financial support has facilitated the creation of more than 48,000 low-income housing units for individuals and families. CCRC enables access to capital and contributes to the ability of individuals to reside, work, and raise families in communities across California.

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Learn more about our impact and the communities we serve.

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