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Climate United Receives $6.97B Grant from the EPA due to Coalitional Effort Involving CCRC

Updated: Apr 30

A group of workers digging in dirt, while text announces that 6.97B was given to Climate United by the EPA

California Community Reinvestment Corporation (CCRC) is honored to announce that as a coalition member of Climate United, we stand ready to put a portion of the $6.97B awarded to work in California to support sustainability in the affordable multi-family housing we finance. The $6.97B award represents the lion’s share of the National Clean Investment Fund to improve and sustain green affordable housing!

Climate United is a national nonprofit focused on creating opportunities for green technology to provide community benefit throughout the country. This nonprofit is a coalition led by The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), Self-Help Credit Union, and Calvert Impact as well as CDFI partners administering funds at the state level. It was announced as a recipient of the grant by Vice President Kamala Harris and EPA Administrator Michael Regan on Thursday, April 4, 2024. CCRC participated in the coalitional effort alongside several other climate-committed organizations to apply for and secure this grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

As a stake holding CDFI, CCRC’s cooperation in the procurement of this funding allows the organization to take an active role in the distributive efforts at a state level. With a multi-decade proven commitment to dignified affordable housing, CCRC is excited to continue to champion equity through the intersection of sustainability and infrastructure. 

Climate United’s emphasis on green affordable housing aligns deeply with CCRC’s work to create long-lasting, intuitively constructed housing for underserved community members. A forward focus for the housing market relies on an understanding that the climate and housing crises are interconnected in their marginalization of low-income communities, and there must be concerted effort to address both at once in a way that reaffirms the autonomy and self-determination of this vulnerable demographic. 

To read the full mission of Climate United and get statements from other partnered organization, visit the website at


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