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President & CEO Tia Boatman Patterson Featured in Adam Mendler's Leadership Interview Blog

To commemorate the conclusion of Women's History Month, President and CEO of California Community Reinvestment Corporation (CCRC) Tia Boatman Patterson sat down with the creator and host of the podcast Thirty Minute Mentors, Adam Mendler, to discuss leadership and her challenges at CCRC.

Boatman Patterson joined CCRC in December of 2022 and has since devoted substantial effort to mobilizing new affordable housing developments and sustaining member bank relationships. The organization has undergone pervasive change, re-evaluated its processes, and sought out new lending opportunities under the diligent direction of Boatman Patterson.

Boatman Patterson interview with Adam Mendler

"Overcoming the assumptions I had made about nonprofit organizational leadership and becoming the leader [that was] needed at a time when it was urgently needed required a sense of adaptability, understanding, and active listening that have made me a better leader," Tia Boatman Patterson wrote in conversation with Adam Mendler.

CCRC is honored to have the supervision of such a forward-thinking, intuitive leader in the housing sector leading our organization in pursuit of our mission. To read the full interview, see here: Interview with Tia Boatman Patterson, CEO of the California Community Reinvestment Corporation — Adam Mendler in the Media


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