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CCRC Attends the Groundbreaking of 1265 Montecito Avenue

Nine people in white hard-hats symbolically shoveling dirt in front of a deep blue skyline
The Groundbreaking Event was attended by some of the amazing partners who will see through 1265 Montecito Avenue's development.

Charities Housing has broken ground on 1265 Montecito Avenue, a milestone affordable housing project in Mountain View, CA. The Groundbreaking event, attended by CCRC’s Relationship Manager, Ting Ting Xiao, symbolized the partnered organizations’ shared commitment to the underserved Californians who will reside in the units. 

Families with children who earn between 30% and 60% of the area’s median income will find stability and support in this community. The project’s strategic location near a major transit stop reflects its dedication to fostering autonomy and movement within the neighborhood.

Under Assembly Bill 2345 chaptered in 2020, developers are granted additional Density Bonuses for affordable housing projects created within a half-mile of a major transit stop, incentivizing and aiding projects such as 1265 Montecito Avenue. The interaction of this policy with tangible affordable housing projects illuminates the role of government to light the path for an equitably housed California. 

Congratulations to 1265 Montecito Avenue and Mountain View!


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