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Lancaster CA's Imagine Village II Grand Opening Event Attended by CCRC

Modern white minimalist building and blue/yellow themed ceremony taking place on front lawn
Imagine Village II's grand opening event was attended by state, local, and non-profit agencies who made the development possible.

On Monday, February 26th, CCRC Relationship Manager Ting Xiao was honored to speak at the Grand Opening of Imagine Village II, an affordable housing development in Lancaster, CA. Developed by Abbey Road, Imagine Village II provides 78 affordable units for low-income community members earning from 30% to 60% of area median income.

In collaboration with the service partner of Abbey Road, Penny Lane Centers, on-site services at Imagine Village II will provide comprehensive, resident-based basic health and mental healthcare services as well as long-term individualized guidance to 42 Special Needs household units in the complex. These units, reserved for houseless Transition-Aged Youth and community members experiencing pervasive houselessness or mental illness, address the longstanding barriers to housing for underserved youth.

woman in white jacket speaking at podium in front of sign saying "Imagine Village II"
Relationship Manager Ting Ting Xiao was honored to speak at the event, amplifying CCRC's commitment to affordable housing projects.

This development speaks to the integration of accessibility and sustainability within affordable housing.

CCRC is proud to work with other affordable housing change-makers to bring this project to life as a long-term financer and we cannot wait to see the full reach of Imagine Village II!


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