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Reinvesting in California with Affordable Housing

buildings with skyline and windows
CCRC-financed development Legacy Square opened its doors in Santa Ana over this past year.

The California Community Reinvestment Corporation began with a vision of an affordably priced future for the California housing market. Following the housing shortage in 1986 and the subsequent Tax Reform Act, CCRC was formed in the same year with the backing of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco to respond to growing concerns about California's infrastructurally insufficient housing market. 

After a change of leadership in the years that followed, former President Mary Kaiser and her team spent the last 30 years nurturing CCRC from a fledgling company to a fully formed lender consortium with over 40 partnered banks. 

While the housing market looks different now than it did in 1986, the pursuit of affordably priced housing for low-and-middle-income families remains a priority in California’s infrastructure considerations. Under the committed leadership of current President & CEO Tia Boatman Patterson, CCRC hopes to invest in subversive strategies to secure funding for affordable housing projects, canvas with lender banks that are already in the compendium, and extend the work of CCRC to best serve vulnerable communities in California. 

As CCRC continues to fight for equitable housing amidst the urgent crisis of houselessness in the state, more of our research on the housing market, lending, and the industry of affordable housing will be made available on our website. Refer to either our news page or our company LinkedIn for updates.


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